days 25-29 {wardrobe remix}

I can’t believe I’m posting day 29 already!  Not keeping up with the posting (sorry) has meant that I haven’t really had any idea of what day I was on.  All I knew was that I was still wearing my 30 items and taking pictures every day.  Who knew I was so close to being done?!  I actually would be totally done if I hadn’t skipped a day (Friday) due to a total lack of clean laundry.  I had to resort to the other (for now unused) part of my closet for one day.  In any case here are the last couple of outfits.

Day 25 – when I asked Ben if the pictures looked ok he told me I looked cold. It’s ok, I *was* cold. It was freezing out. I think the high was 19 degrees. Fun times. I barely lasted long enough without a coat to take this photo before I ran back inside. I have never worn this sweater with a striped shirt before because I thought it would be too much. It turns out I like it much MORE with a striped shirt. Who would have guessed?

Day 26 – after being insanely cold it switched back to being downright balmy. I really have no idea what to expect these days. Ok, by balmy I mean it was somewhere in the 40s but compared to 19 it was quite an improvement. Still not warm enough to leave the house without a jacket but at least I didn’t require 4 layers to fend off frostbite. I was in a bit of a rut on this day. I was running low on laundry and ideas so this one is a bit of a repeat. But I tucked the dress up shorter to make it into a shirt (is that funny or inventive?) so that I could wear it again.

Day 27 – I was determined to wear this dress again in a different way so I put a shirt on under (kind of my go-to wear a short sleeved dress in cold weather trick) but I’m not sure it works. I feel like it looks a little funny. Ben thinks it was ok. I’m undecided.

Day 28 – it always seems to get warmer when it rains and yesterday was no exception. Rainy (so we couldn’t play outside) but a pleasantly warm 53 degrees even in the evening while I was driving home from my knitting group. I really can’t figure out this weather. When are we going to have some snow?! At least I got to wear my rain boots again

Day 29 – this is much more what I had in mind when I picked out this jacket. As opposed to the crazy art teacher look I was sporting last time I wore it. Phew. I feel like the jacket redeemed itself. And it’s actually still warm enough out today (in the low 50s) that I don’t even need a winter coat on over.

One more day to go…

days 25-29 {wardrobe remix}

3 thoughts on “days 25-29 {wardrobe remix}

  1. Meredith says:

    I love Kendi’s blog too. So much good daily inspiration and you are inspiring me right now that you actually took the 30 day challenge. Just one question tho…. When are you revealing day 30??!!


  2. Frances says:

    Hi, I’m new to your blog, but I was wondering if you could tell me what brand/style boots you are wearing in days 26 and 27? They are lovely!


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