Tara’s bee baby shower {parties}

I have a tendency to go a bit craft crazy when it comes to party planning… I can’t help spending hours and hours online searching blogs and pinterest to find ideas for the cutest themes and crafts. Tara’s baby shower was no exception and since it was celebrating the arrival of my newest niece or nephew (gender unknown!) I wanted everything to be extra special. I was stumped how to decorate for a gender neutral party until a friend of mine suggested a bee theme for the shower ” what will it bee “… cute right?! Sue and I cohosted the shower at her beach house which is full of beautiful natural sunlight and I love how bright and cheery everything turned out.


We had a couple of games – the traditional baby shower bingo and a guessing game for what the gender will be (clearly no winner yet since baby is still baking away in mom’s belly!) and I loved the idea of leaving words of wisdom for the new momma to be!



Sue found these adorable bee chocolates and while I didn’t have time to bake nearly as many treats as I would have liked I did manage to at least come up with some cupcakes.


There were of course lots of adorable tiny outfits to be opened


although I didn’t have much time to photograph the gift opening portion of the day since Ben came by and brought Edie to play with everyone for the second half of the shower. Her friend Harper was in attendance as well.


And one last shot of me with Tara (looking fabulous!) and my cohost Sue. Congratulations Tara!! I am so ridiculously excited for the arrival of my new niece or nephew… I cannot wait!


Tara’s bee baby shower {parties}

One thought on “Tara’s bee baby shower {parties}

  1. So cute! My only child-free friend just got pregnant and the first thing I could think of was to ask if I could throw the shower! After 3 kids of my own, I’m so happy to scour PInterest and blogs for ideas, and remember all those tiny little details that mean so much before you have actual children who get everything messy and fun:)

    My husband and I also met in architecture school, so I was totally drawn in by that fact alone. Following you now, although my commenting might be sparse depending on how many of us are sick at any given time this winter:)



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