14. see a movie {30 by 30 list}

Hooray! We finally saw a movie. Ben and I were brainstorming tonight and as best as we can remember, the last movie we saw in theaters was The King’s Speech (which was a great movie by the way, highly recommend if you haven’t seen it) which we saw in Los Angeles, before we moved and before we had Edie. Yes. We need to get out more. I know.

We ended up doing what we always do, which is waiting until the last minute to decide whether we’re going to try to do a dinner date or a movie date… frantically waffling between should we or shouldn’t we try to go (will Edie wake up while we’re gone, will we get an SOS call like our last dinner date?) and whether or not it’s worth it. Tonight the movie won, and since it was an early (7:10) showing we were *fairly* certain we could make it back before she woke up, even if she did have an early wake-up night. We saw Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, which until today I didn’t even know existed (and definitely wouldn’t have picked based on its name but lucky for us Ben reads the synopses of even the ones with horrible titles). But it was cute. And WE SAW A MOVIE! Hooray! I am so excited I think we might just have to see another one… you know… before next year 🙂

One more list item, check! Actually, I have another one that’s done as well but not quite blogged… I made the kids matching outfits for Easter. Cuteness overload! I will hopefully get those photos up soon.

14. see a movie {30 by 30 list}

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