12. Go see live music {30 by 30 list}

I’ve been checking off many of my list items in the last few weeks but haven’t gotten a chance to post about them. My most favorite by far was this one. One of my old high school friends (who I do not see nearly often enough) is Anoushka Shankar. And she just happens to be pretty darn fabulous. She came to San Diego on a tour of her new record Traveller (UH-MAZ-ING) and she emailed to see if any of our friends wanted to come and see her play (um, let me think, YES!)

Allison, Jenny and I had a ladies night date to see the show and it was so fantastic! Photography wasn’t allowed inside the show and it was late when we got out so I didn’t feel like stopping to take pictures of the theater… but I did get one measly instagram snapshot of my ticket.

It was an amazing show and I’m so happy that I was able to check off this list item with such a special outing!

12. Go see live music {30 by 30 list}

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