2013 Skies – an instagram project 365

Happy New Year! We made it to 2014, can you believe it?! And here to prove it is an ENTIRE YEAR’S worth of instagram sky photos!

#365daysofsky by @katyregnier - an instagram project 365 by Katy Regnier photography on Permanent Riot

I don’t think I quite knew what I was getting myself into when I started this project, I was hoping to take one picture of the sky every day for a year, but instead I’ve gotten totally and completely hooked on sky-watching! If only you could see my phone’s camera roll – chock full to the brim (seriously, I keep getting that “your device storage is full” warming but can’t stand the thought of deleting them) with pictures of the sky, I typically take between 5-10 a day, depending on how interesting the clouds are… some days I’ve been known to take 20 or more.

I’ve also decided not to end my project with the new year, but to keep going indefinitely. I am way too addicted to quit now! One minor change I’m making to my project this year is to add a new hashtag, #krdailysky to each of my posts on instagram. This year a few people joined in throughout the year and while my #365daysofsky hashtag was unused when I started, it’s getting kind of hard to pick out my own skies from the handful of regular posters these days. I’m so excited that the daily sky has caught on, but I want to make sure my own are still searchable. I actually have a few more ideas floating around that I’m starting to work on, so keep an eye out for those, but in the meantime let’s celebrate the beauty that is an entire year of sky … wishing you a very happy new year as well!

2013 Skies – an instagram project 365

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