January skies – an instagram project 365

I am in total denial about it being the middle of February. How can it be February when this year just started? And for that matter, how can it be 2014 when I swear that the clock just struck midnight in the year 2000. What? Is it just me that thinks that time is going much too terribly fast lately? Maybe it’s the fact that my kids are celebrating their 100th day of kindergarten today and instead of looking like the teeny tiny and timid preschoolers that I dropped off on the first day, they now look like they fit right in amongst the other elementary school kids. I just can’t believe how much can change so quickly. In any case, it’s almost a new month again so it’s about time I posted my January skies. I think that January sunsets on the beach might just be my favorite sunsets of all time. The colors are out of this world and there is almost never a crowd. Oh sky, you are just so pretty.

#365daysofsky by @katyregnier - an instagram project 365 by Katy Regnier photography on Permanent Riot

This post is part of my #365daysofsky series on instagram which I have been working on since January of 2013. Follow me @katyregnier if you don’t already – lots of pretty sky goodness served up daily! You can also find all of my monthly sky series wrap-ups for 2013 here.

January skies – an instagram project 365

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