2014 Skies – an instagram project 365

2015 is here (ps, how is it already almost February?!) which means that I have officially finished my second year of #365daysofsky over on instagram. Behold! The entire year 2014….

#365daysofsky an instagram project 365 by @katyregnier

During the first year of my 365 days of sky project, remembering to take a photo each day was something that took practice and concentration. This year it felt like second nature, like something that I have always done. I am excited to keep the project going and to see what years and even decades of sky look like all together. If you want to follow along as I post you can find me over on instagram – @katyregnier and you can see all of my sky posts under the tag #krdailysky

2014 Skies – an instagram project 365

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