quilting update {sewing projects}

Well the quilt is not done (shocking I know). Remember how I said I had the top and back all made and ready to be basted as soon as I got my hands on some safety pins? Well apparently after a night to sleep and think it over I convinced myself that the backing I had already made (cut, pieced, sewn, pressed and ready to go) was not in fact the one I wanted to use. So I ripped it all out and went with plan B. I didn’t love the fabric that I had used even though it was the second one I had bought. I didn’t want to go back to the fabric store again and buy even more fabric that I wouldn’t end up loving, so I went with what is in hindsight the obvious choice – I cut up a few of their receiving blankets to piece together for the back. I actually really like how it turned out and I like that it is soft and flannely and cozy. It took almost and entire day to put that together and most of yesterday to do the quilting. I also decided (like a crazy person) that I wanted to use bias cut binding tape so I spent all last evening cutting and sewing and pressing that. I got it attached by machine to the front of the quilt and I’m (still like a crazy person) working on attaching the binding on the back by hand. Last night I was getting frustrated with my thread continually tangling and only managed to get a measly 5 inches done in a half hour. Ben calculated that at that rate I’ll be done in only 14 more hours. Great. Let’s hope I can speed it up a bit.

A few more little close up sneak peeks. I don’t want to show the whole thing until it’s totally done.

quilting update {sewing projects}

2 thoughts on “quilting update {sewing projects}

  1. valena arana says:

    I love your every bit of crazy! I suggest you get some wax for that thread girl friend. Still can’t wait to see the finished project….so excited.


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