February Skies – an instagram project 365

March already! I can’t believe how fast this year is already flying by. Maybe it’s the fact that it was in the 80s today or maybe it’s all of the blossoms on our fruit trees in the backyard, but I feel like we have fast-forwarded squarely into the middle of spring (maybe even summer?)

I was a little bit worried when I started my #365daysofsky project on instagram that I’d have trouble taking a photo every single day without repeating myself, but it seems as thought I needn’t have worried. Even on bright blue days there’s always a sunset, and it’s fun to find new ways to frame the sky. It’s such an amazing thing, isn’t it? It’s always in motion and the clouds on one day are never the same as the next. I’ve found that with the exception of extremely rainy days (where it’s hard to get outside without getting my iphone all wet) there really hasn’t been a single day that I wasn’t excited to go out and see what the sky had in store for me.

So without further ado, here is the collection of all of my February sky shots – I don’t put them together until the very end of the month so seeing them all in one spot is a fun surprise. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of our beautiful California skies.

#365daysofsky - an instagram project 365 by Katy Regnier photography

This post is the second in a set of monthly recaps of my instagram daily sky series. If you missed the first month, check out January skies right here.

February Skies – an instagram project 365